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I am fascinated by the marriage between self, mind and body, primarily focusing on how the duet of body and mind operates in action and inaction.  I look at connection to the external world – through touch and it’s intertwining with the visual, and through the operation of the body in space.   I reflect on these things under the headings the desire of touch and the loss of forgetting.

I am experimenting with performance, exploring physicality as a return to the embodied self, the self that occupies space by claiming it through movement.   I am looking at the way our senses work together to achieve the daily feats that we take for granted, seeking ways to bring these into awareness through playful action.   Through drawing, paint and photography, I work with the hands in grasping, touching and holding to reflect on the reach for connection, it’s possibilities and failures.   


Of necessity my work starts with myself as the only bodily experience I can ever truly know.  Drawing on neurobiology and phenomenology, I seek to find ways to identify and make explicit experiences that are not in words, which are on the cusp of awareness, and make these alive to perception. 

Please note that this is the webfolio for my MFA, for my artists website please go here:

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